Our campsite’s heated indoor pool and waterslide

Enjoy a stunning swimming pool and fun water slide during your stay in Normandy

The pool is open daily from April September, from 10:30am to 7pm during off-season and from 10am to 7:30pm in July and August. It is heated to about 30 degrees. Its telescopic shelter allows you to enjoy it whatever the weather and outside temperature. The large pool measures 9m x 20m with a depth of 1.10m on one end, and 1.60m at the other end. We have recently added a set of stairs to facilitate access to the water. The beaches are refurbished for the best comfort and key lockers are available to store your belongings.

The pool is located right next to the sports ground.

In the summer, the wading pool (4m x 4m, 60cm deep) is heated, and available for children.

A pool area for the whole family

The outdoor paddling pool is perfect to play with your baby and cool off during the summer.

In the big pool, you can either play with family and friends, or do a few swimming laps to stay fit. It is possible to bring adapted balls, we also provide these if needed.

We sell bathing suits, swimming goggles and water wings for children.

Lounging chairs and beds are available to use inside and outside the shelter, available for everyone to enjoy throughout the day. Splash around or chill, enjoy your holiday at your own pace.

The water slide

A fantastic 18m long water slide awaits you!

It is set up outside the main pool for the tranquility of bathers, and is perfectly safe thanks to the aqua brakes.

Slide and splash on the slide’s two tracks, for pure entertainment for all ages (record held by a brave 70yo grandma!), under the Norman sun.

Practical information:

  • Children under 10 must be accompanied by an adult.