At L’Escapade **** Campsite, memorable encounters await kids and grown-ups alike! Away from the bustle of cities, enjoy a delightful stay in the heart of Normandy’s countryside.

Meet the farm animals with your kids

Let us introduce you to:

The Dutch, Brahma or Silkie hens, the blue peacocks and the white peacocks couples, Frillbacks and common pigeons, doves and Reeves’s pheasant share the aviary.

American Pygmy goats: The 2 dads Charly and Juno, Canada, America, Australia and Youké give birth each year to adorable little kids. This year Culotte, Bidou, Chausson, Chaussettes arrived first and were then followed in April by Miel. Caramel will reach childbearing age this year.

Ponies: Noisette (Shetland mare) is the mother of Isidore who we welcomed in April 2018.

Dwarf rabbits live in the enclosure at the campsite entrance.

If you’d like to feed the animals, it is imperative to respect their diet: carrots and vegetable scraps for rabbits, bread for the ducks; and for hens… well, all organic rubbish! Although we don’t have composters, the hens are incredible bins on legs. Please avoid feeding the ponies as they can be very greedy and get sick!

You can learn loads by observing the animals around the campsite, and reading the educational signs.

Animals roaming free around the campsite grounds and the ponds.

Some animals walk around freely around the camping: mallard ducks, red-crested pochard, Canada geese, Marsh tits and white swans.

Many birds live on the campsite and nest there: robins, chaffinch, wrens, crows and magpies, you could even see kingfishers and herons.

You will hear the frogs and toads and sometimes come across a hedgehog or a wild rabbit.

And don’t worry about mosquitoes, they are very discreet, and our team of frogs, toads and small birds take care of them.

Thank you for respecting the wildlife!