The medieval town of Bayeux and its tapestry

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Bayeux the medieval : The tapestry

Back to the medieval era in the city of Bayeux with the tapestry registered in the UNESCO Memory Register, the Cathedral and the Museum of Art and History. Internationally famous, the Bayeux tapestry has survived the centuries intact since the Middle Ages. Its woolen embroideries tell the story of the conquest of England by William, Duke of Normandy, known since his coronation as William the Conqueror, on a 68-meter long linen canvas. The Bayeux Tapestry is unique in its kind, particularly in terms of its size and state of preservation. It is exhibited in a dedicated museum located on rue de Nesmond: the discovery of the work opens the visit, which then continues on the upper floors with an exhibition and the projection of a documentary film.

Bayeux and the landing : The museum of the battle of Normandy

With the Battle of Normandy Museum and the British Cemetery, tourism in Bayeux is linked to the D-Day landings. A few minutes away from the landing beaches, the Battle of Normandy Memorial Museum fulfills a double vocation of homage and enlightenment: it recalls the military operations of the summer of 1944 that allowed the Allies to liberate France. A must-see site to understand the keys and stakes of the Second World War, it is the ideal place to visit before going to the various memorial sites of the Normandy coast: through a fascinating museography of 2300 m2, it allows to understand the stages of the conflict in a chronological way. You can relive the operation day by day thanks to reconstructed scenes, educational maps, archival films and numerous exhibits.

Bayeux la fleurie : The botanical garden

Bayeux, walks along the river Aure, the botanical garden, a whole range of places with guided tours or not exist. The botanical garden of Bayeux was created in the middle of the 19th century. Today, it offers walkers a landscaped park of nearly 3 hectares shaded by more than 400 trees, including a remarkable weeping beech, classified for its age and its exceptional dimensions. The botanical garden of Bayeux is a must-see, as are the historical buildings and the great museums of the city. A signposted route allows you to discover this large park, from botanical curiosities and rare plants to remarkable trees. The site also has a nice picnic area, benches to relax on, and a small play area for children.

Events in Bayeux

Various events punctuate the summer season:

  • 1st weekend of July : Medieval Festivals
  • Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays in July and August, the appointments of the cathedral.
  • The DDAy festival Normandy in June 2020
  • Friday evening from July 19th to August 30th fireworks from the Vauban Tower in Port-en-Bessin.
To see around Bayeux

Around Bayeux, the region is called the Bessin, there are many natural and historical sites such as the castle of Fontaine Henri, the castle of Balleroy, the forest of Cerisy, or the Gardens of Castillon, crafts such as the Mohair Barn, cider factories such as the Domaine de la Flaguerie and of course many sites of the DDay such as the Pointe du Hoc, or the battery of Longues sur mer.

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