This beautiful story begins in 709, when the Archangel Michael came down to order the Bishop Aubert to build a sanctuary on Mount Tombe, a rocky island sitting in the middle of a vast bay, beaten by some of the largest tides in the world. This is the origin of the Mont Saint Michel.

Mont Saint Michel

Mont Saint Michel

Nested between the towering Abbey and the protecting remparts, the medieval village invites pilgrims to explore its typical streets, wide and narrow, as well as its beautiful gardens and houses with timbering.

Entrance to the Mont St Michel, this medieval masterpiece, is free.

Classified historic monument in 1874, the Mont Saint-Michel remains a key site of Christian pilgrimage. It has been on the UNESCO World Heritage list since 1979.

Over three and a half million visitors come to this unmissable landmark every year.

For a comfortable visit, we advise you to leave early in the morning to be there at the opening. Charged car parks are located before the bridge that was built to restore the natural maritime character to the site.

You can book priority tickets on the site of the Mont Saint Michel abbey for a guided tour of the towers, monumental rooms and panoramic views.

L’Escapade campsite is about 1:30 (100 kilometers) from the Mont Saint-Michel .

We have information leaflets at the reception of the campsite, you will also find information on the Web.

More information on the Mont Saint-Michel HERE.